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30 Years Ago Today, Nirvana's #Nevermind Was Released

The September 24, 1991 release of Nirvana's Nevermind touched off a seismic shift in global youth culture. Rising to #1 worldwide over the next few months, its impact would elevate Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl from a promising Pacific Northwest cult band to one of the most successful and influential artists of all time. Nevermind returned rock ’n’ roll integrity and passion to the top of the charts, and continues to be a singular inspiration to fans and musicians alike over the last three decades--as it no doubt will for generations to come.

The excitement and passion that this album, and the many to come around it, gave everyone a reason to be excited because ROCK-N-ROLL was born again! It was one of the MANY niche styles, but it was loud, passion filled and aggressive. I look back on it remembering how exciting it was. Knowing I was introducing the masses to something BIG.

A new breed of Rock anthems were born we people were ready.

Now comes a special 30th anniversary edition of Nirvana's album 'Nevermind.'

Starting November 12, fans can pick up the reissue via different formats, including CD, vinyl, and digitally. 

The reissue will feature 94 total audio and video tracks, which includes 70unreleased tracks.

Some of the unreleased content will also include four full live shows from the band.

photo: getty images

Here is a rare interview from the Reading Festival In England about 1 month before Nevermind was released. These bands were always entertaining for an interview 😁

Here is their performance from that show.

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