DONE DEAL! LoKi Season 2 Is A Go

*****UPDATE***** It appears Tom Hiddleston aka 'Loki' is in high demand these days.

It was revealed that Disney+ Loki is getting a season 2. Now, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting Tom will reprise his role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This revelation has not been confirmed by Marvel.

Disney+ Loki will return for season 2. It was revealed in the post credit. Very exciting and totally deserved. Rumor is, filming is already underway. Also, if you have not yet watched the 6 minute Simpsons-Loki crossover yet, YOU SHOULD! Well worth it especially when you see which Simpson characters fill out the Avengers. You'll see the trailer for that below.

In other Disney+ news, "What If..." is the next series to hit Disney+ It's an animated series voiced by Chadwick Boseman and it arrives in August. The trailer is below.

Hawkeye will arrive later this year and will pick up where the post credit scene in Black Widow leaves off. I was wondering where that post scene credit was going to lead us. The trailer is below.

photo: getty images

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