The Stanley Cup "Banged Up" Badly At Celebration 😲

The photo is 100% real. It shows player Pat Maroon holding a heavily dented Stanley Cup after a day celebration around Tampa Bay. The team has had more than enough hate since winning the cup with the post game press conference with a wasted Nikita Kucherov serving as the starting point.

This ISN'T the first time the cup has been damaged though.

Here is a brief history of "damaged Stanley Cups" over the years.

  • Being drop-kicked into the Rideau Canal in 1905 by the original incarnation of the Ottawa Senators
  • Briefly misplaced by the 1906 Montreal Wanderers as they posed for their championship photo
  • 1924 the cup was left on the side of the road after is what used to change a flat tire by a Montreal Canadians player
  • The New York Rangers burned the mortgage to Madison Square Garden after their 1940 win
  • Maurice Richard chipped two teeth in 1957 while drinking from the Cup
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs dropped the Cup into a bonfire in 1962. Repairs were made at the expense of the team
  • The Cup sustained butter stains and salt damage in 2003 after Martin Brodeur ate popcorn out of it. The stains remained for eight days until Jamie Langenbrunner cleaned it out
  • Most recently, after the Boston Bruins‘ 2011 win, Michael Ryder brought the Cup to a media event in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where it fell after being set on a table that collapsed shortly after.

The MOST notorious would come at Pantera member Vinnie Paul's place back when the Dallas Stars won the cup in 1999. In the words of Vinnie "I loaded up four or five cases of Crown Royal and everything and of course everyone knows the famous Brett Hull goal...and they came to two places; they came to a place called The Big Apple, which is a bar we all hung out in Arlington (Texas), and then they came to my house. They brought the Stanley Cup, and we brought every strip dancer we could find in town and it was the best party you've ever seen. At about five o'clock in the morning, we're all out in the pool, the hot tub - it's just party, party party, and here comes Guy Carbonneau and he's got the Cup and 'Hey Luddy - catch the Cup!' and he throws it off the balcony and it gets right about to there and goes 'doink' off the side of the pool and into the water and we jumped on it and sank it to the bottom. The Cup keeper, the guy you see on the commercial, he says, 'You cannot do that - that's the Stanley Cup!' and we're like, 'We just f@#king did it dude!' It was pretty awesome man."

photo: getty images

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