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Good People Still Exist! 4 Great Stories Of Compassion From Last Week ❤

  • Shoppers in a grocery store in the Austin, Texas, area were treated to free groceries when their power went out.

Shelby Lasker was in line at the H-E-B store getting supplies during the winter storm when everything went dark.

But instead of leaving empty-handed, she says staff told customers to go ahead and take whatever was in their baskets.

  • Chelsea Timmons was delivering groceries in Austin, Texas, just as a snowstorm hit and her car got stuck at a client’s house.

Home owners Doug Condon and Nina Richardson invited her inside and she called AAA for a tow truck.

It never came because the weather got worse and the couple invited her to stay with them until she could leave … five days later!

  • Like everyone else in the area, Bella Italia Ristorante in Plano, Texas, had no power, but they have a gas stove and a gas oven.

So owner Ari Isufaj decided to open his doors and feed anyone in need after the winter storm.

They made spaghetti and lasagna and gave away hot meals to 500 cold people.

  • Texas deputies saved a family that was stranded during the winter storm that blasted the state last week.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office reports that the family was trying to rent a hotel room, but couldn’t afford it.

They say deputies paid out of their own pockets to make sure the family with small kids was warm and safe for the night.

Lives made better and saved by just a simple act of kindness. It's not really that hard if you just stop and think.

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