Salmonella Outbreak Sickens Over 200 And CDC Doesn't Know The Source

2020 keeps on hitting us while we're down. Not only are we dealing with COVID-19, but 23 states have also been hit with salmonella outbreaks - and the CDC doesn't know the source.

212 have been sickened. 31 people have been hospitalized. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported.

"This outbreak is rapidly growing in size," the CDC said Friday. Fox News reports officials note that they've so far been unable to tie the outbreak to a specific source - such as a food item, grocery store or restaurant chain.

Most of the cases, 51 and 40, respectively, are in Oregon and Utah. However, the outbreak of Salmonella Newport is clearly decentralized as 43% of the most recent 87 cases have come from eight new states - Arizona, Florida, Idaho Maine, North and South Dakota, Virginia and Nebraska.

photo: Getty Images

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