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5G Has NOTHING To Do With Covid-19 Spread

If you've been online in the last few days you may have seen posts about a conspiracy theory involving 5G telecommunications masts and the spread of Coronavirus.

The BBC reports that people are destroying 5G cell towers because they think that 5G will kill everyone once it's turned on or that the frequency it runs on spreads Coronavirus.

A UK fact-checking charity has looked into these claims for quite a while now and has found ZERO scientific evidence that links 5G to Coronavirus.

The video of a "nurse" who says 5G is sucking oxygen out of lungs? She's not a nurse at all. Another post from a "top cell executive"? He's been found as a fraud.

The New York Times even reported last year that Russia was trying to spread disinformation using 5G conspiracy theories.

One actual headline states "New 5G Coming And It Will KILL US All" Right because that's what all companies want to kill every customer. Jump down the rabbit hole if you wish.

As an engineer who's been working around and studying RF since I was a teen, stop listening to the stupid. There is a lot more RF coursing through you than you could ever imagine.

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