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These 10 Year Olds Have Some Motivation!!

The last thing you can call these kids are lazy.

First was the 11 year old who stole his Grandfather's car to go to the store and get candy. A few crashes later the police found him candy in hand at the store.

Secondly the group of 10-14 year olds in Australia that went on a 600+ mile fishing trip and got busted at their fishing hole.

Third enter a Kansas city girl who just couldn't wait to go to McDonald's for breakfast.

She thought it would be a good idea to steal her mom's car to get her fast food fix while Mom was sleeping.

She wound up crashing into another car on her way to McDonald's and sustained minor injuries in the accident.

She didn't get the McDonald's and had to be taken to the hospital. Someone clearly needs to tell this young girl McDonald's serves Breakfast all the time now!

HOWEVER, this is NOT the first time a child has stolen a car to go to McDonald's.

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