Governor DeSantis Signs Hurricane Bills, Defends Prosecutor Suspensions

REDINGTON SHORES -- Governor DeSantis says Hillsborough County, Orange and Osceola Counties are safer because he removed two Democratic Party prosecutors from office and replaced them with two Republicans.

DeSantis responded to reporters' questions while visiting Redington Shores to sign bills related to home hurricane resiliency.

The governor says he has heard from police that "lives have been saved" because Susan Lopez is serving instead of Andrew Warren as Hillsborough State Attorney and because Andrew Bain replaced Monique Worrell as Orange-Osceola State Attorney. "Criminals are held accountable in a much more significant way since Lopez has been the State Attorney," DeSantis said. "I don't think people have a right, even if you're elected, to just say there are certain laws you don't like, and you're not going to prosecute them. Maybe somebody is young and you're not going to prosecute them for that," DeSantis said.

Warren and Worrell are running for re-election to their posts and have challenged the suspensions in the courts. In announcing his bid for re-election, Warren accused Lopez of "blind obedience" to the governor.

DeSantis also signed two bills related to hurricane resiliency for homes. One adds $200 million in funding to the My Safe Florida Home program. DeSantis says that money will be used to pare down a waiting list for applications, and allow new homeowners to apply. Another bill sets aside $30 million to create a pilot My Safe Florida program for condo owners.

The governor also announced his intention to sign a bill spending $50 million on beach renourishment projects.

Photo: Getty Images

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