Ozzy Explains Why We'll Never Hear The Randy Rhoads Demos

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are explaining why early rehearsal tapes of Ozzy's late guitarist Randy Rhoads have never been released. In the latest episode of the family’s podcast,

Ozzy’s son Jack suggested that it should be up to Randy's family to decide whether those recordings should see the light of day. 

Ozzy offered a more practical reason for why those tapes have not been made available to the public though saying, "The quality sucks. The quality is f**king dreadful." Sharon concurred, saying: "[It was recorded] on a little cassette machine — on a tiny little cassette machine. And yeah, it's not for us to do anything with." 

However, with what the Beatles just did with AI refreshing and re-EQing "Now and Then" why can't it be done. And Jack is right, let it be Randy's family-estate decision. We'll see.....

image: getty images

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