MUST READ: So This Is Why The Lightning Seemed Off In The Stanley Cup Round

You're looking at injuries you would not see a player on the ice with in regular season. This is the Stanley Cup we're talking about here. They can and DO play through the pain.

You don't see Hagel on here and he had a FRACTURED FOOT he sustained in the first round and continued to lace up and play.

I have a 18 year old son playing and he dislocated his shoulder this past season and he was out 4 weeks. He tried to play through but he could not pass or shoot with any real force. He also suffered a broken hand/ mangled finger when a puck hit his pinky as it did with Ryan. He was out six weeks with that one.

We've played the longest of any team in the past 3 seasons and we still took Colorado to 6 games and lost by only 1 point. This team is truly special.

BTW Colorado had 1 guy playing with an injured foot......

photo: getty images

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