Travel Blog: "Top 10 Reasons Tampa Bay Is The WORST City In The US"

Let me start by saying this sounds like an millennial who really doesn't pay much attention to anything factual and makes A LOT of stereotypical observations about our region.

  • "Our sports teams are awful" and jokes about how few touchdowns are scored and so on. 2 Stanley Cups and 1 Super bowl in 2 years sound pretty good to me. BTW this video was posted October of last year so again, idiot.
  • We're pretty the "bullseye for Hurricanes and Tropical Systems". Really??? You might want to turn that to the pan handle 😂
  • HOA's exist everywhere. Yes they can be a pain in the ass, but having lived a few times around Tampa Bay without one, it's nice to live in a clean, well kept neighborhood for a couple of extra bucks. AND you don't have to live in one. There are a gazillion areas of Tampa where there are none.

You can watch the video for more hilarity especially when it comes to her piece about CRIME 😂😂😂

photo: getty images

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