VIDEO: Sergachev pulls over to sign a fans jersey and goes viral.

What a class act! After a tough game 1 loss, on Sunday, Lightning Defenseman Mikhail Sergachev made one fans day. While driving home, Sergachev noticed a fan wearing his Jersey and PULLED OVER to sign it!
The fans name was Eric Shear.

When Eric spotted the Bolts player, he grabbed his Sergachev jersey and waved him down – and It worked.

Not only did Serg stop to say, "Hi," but he also exited his car and signed Eric’s Sergachev jersey. Sergachev even provided his own Sharpie. Then, he took a photo with the family.

"He is a very classy player," he said. "For that to happen, it shows a lot, not just about his character but the organization as well."

Watch the video of it all here.


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