Wanted Fugitive Thinks Cop Is Following Him, Starts High-Speed Chase

You know that panic that hits when you see a cop pull up behind you on the highway? Now imagine you actually had a REASON to panic.

Today's Superstar is Tyler Smithee. Tyler was driving on Saturday when he saw a cop in his rearview mirror turn his lights on. And instead of pulling over, he FLOORED it.

He tried to outrun him, ended up driving through a field, and crashed into a tree. Then he tried to flee on foot.

Cops eventually tracked him down and arrested him. It turned out there was a warrant for his arrest connected to a shooting. So that's why he ran. And a woman who was with him also got arrested after she lied about his name to protect him. 

But here's the dumb part: It turned out the cop WASN'T actually trying to pull them over in the first place. 

He turned his lights and siren on because he was heading to a separate incident nearby. So he only started following Tyler when he tried to run.

So tell us, was this Florida or Not Florida???


Tulsa, OK.

Source: KTUL

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