Million-Dollar Flying Squirrel Trafficking Ring in Florida Has Been Busted

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wrapped up a 19-month investigation yesterday into . . . ready for this? . . . a million-dollar FLYING SQUIRREL trafficking ring.

There are seven guys in a rural Marion County who were trapping flying squirrels . . . which is illegal, because they're a protected species here in Florida.

Then they would sell them to dealers in Florida and Georgia, who would find buyers in South Korea and claim the squirrels were legally raised. The buyers would fly to Florida, then drive the squirrels to Chicago before they flew them home.

The guys set as many as 10,000 traps and caught around 36,000 flying squirrels in three years and the retail value is approximately $1 million.

So far the seven guys have been arrested and more arrests are coming.

Here are mugshots of four of the guys arrested.

Source: Fox13

Pic: Getty Images

You can report suspected violations by calling the Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC (3922) or

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