Bucs Coach Bruce Arians First Presser In A New Era Of Football.

Today Tampa Bay buccaneers coach Bruce Arians took the time to chat with us via a zoom conference on this upcoming season of Buccaneer football.

The first question, what major league baseball has been facing with a COVID-19 outbreak for the Marlins. Coach Arians said we don’t spend as much time in cities as major league baseball teams do & we have our tracking badges so we’re always aware of who is where and what’s happening and our team protocols do not allow us to leave the hotel go out for dinners or do anything. We’re here to study, work and to play football.

Coach spent his off-season in Georgia playing a lot of golf and studying up on new players for the Buccaneers as best he could. He already knew everything he needed to know about Tom Brady which is why we already signed him. Coach said he looks forward to the maturity and the leadership that both Brady and Rob Gronkowski bring to the locker room to match Mike Evans and other great veteran leaders on the Buccaneer squad.

What will practice look like? The on field practices will begin in roughly 2 weeks with morning conditioning sessions and afternoon walk-throughs. Coach said it will be more difficult than normal with no preseason games and not really much in the way of game scrimmages to be prepared for the start of the regular season however every team is in the same boat.

Coach did address the off-season workout sessions with Brady Brady said he had no real communication with Tom but heard the turnouts were good and they got a lot accomplished in the time they could work together which is better than nothing.

Coach said they are looking at keeping a third quarterback Rostered just in case of a potential COVID-19 outbreak. That quarterback would more than likely participate virtually with the team through practices and be in the know just in case.

Coach Arians also address the question if there was ever a doubt in his mind about coaching in this new era football and he said "nope I always want to be here".I’ll have my face mask and a face shield on the sidelines and not in a coaching box. We will be ready to go.

photo: getty images

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