The Villain from "Nacho Libre" Died in the Ring During a Wrestling Match

If you're a wrestling fan, you may have heard of Silver King. His real name was Cesar Barron, and he was a masked Mexican wrestler who also played the villain, Ramses, in the classic Jack Black flick "Nacho Libre".

He passed away Saturday while in the ring at the age of 51.

Barron was wrestling Juventud Guerrera in London, when he apparently had a heart attack in the middle of the match.

Barron was already on the ground at the time, but he slumped face first and stopped moving. There was some confusion between Juventud and the referee, but Juventud rolled Barron over and pinned him, then "celebrated" his "victory".

By the time paramedics hit the ring, they couldn't save him. (TMZ has video, but it's kind of hard to watch.)

Jack Black posted, "Go with God, brother" . . . in Spanish, of course.

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