Playoff Time! #BeardTheThunder

Welcome to #BeardTheThunder

We are excited to launch a new #BeardTheThunder initiative for the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs which enables fans to participate alongside players in one of hockey's most iconic and visible traditions - the playoff beard!

#BeardTheThunder is a fun way to raise money for designated non-profits throughout Tampa Bay which Lightning players have chosen to support throughout the regular and post-season. The goal of #BeardTheThunder is not only the financial support, but also to raise awareness for the great work that these non-profits do every day.

We invite fans to text TBLBeards to 52182 or click here to make a donation to support their player and/or cause. Progress on players' beard growth will be updated periodically. Please note that all donations will be evenly distributed among the 17 Charites selected by the players..

Don't forget to share the good! Randomly selected fans will be awarded an item signed by that player! Use the hashtag #BeardTheThunder to be eligible to win prizes!

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