RUMOR MILL: A 50th Anniversary Woodstock Concert Is in the Works

It looks like another Woodstock may be happening, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the original, which happened in August of 1969.

The promoter of the original Woodstock is working on it.  He doesn't have a venue or any acts yet, but he says he's "very close" to making an announcement.

Rumor has it, artists may include: Daft Punk, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Ariana Grande, Coldplay, Phish, The Weeknd, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Pink, The Who, Santana, Zac Brown Band, Mumford & Sons, and The Chainsmokers.


None of those artists have been confirmed. It's unclear if it's an actual list of acts they're negotiating with, or if it's just aa wish list.

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