McDonald's Worker Sent Home For Being Late, So He Robs Another McDonald's

19-year-old David Gomez-Beltran reported to his shift at a McDonald's, but he was LATE, so his manager sent him home

But David didn't go home.  Instead, he went to a different McDonald's that was about five miles away and ROBBED the place.

He was still in his uniform, so when he went into the McDonald's, he said his store had sent him there to help with the dinner rush.

When the manager there took him to the back room to fill out paperwork,  he pulled a GUN and demanded all of the money in the safe.  And he got away with about $1,500. 

The cops tracked him down at his apartment the next day, and he was arrested for aggravated robbery.

Was this Florida, Or Not Florida???

It happened in San Antonio, Texas.

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