Big Rig With Ivan Moody From Five Finger Death Punch

Saturday started off smooth. Even with the rain and humidity from Hell I had no idea of how amazing my day was going to be. I had interviews lined up with everyone except Five Finger Death Punch. Not surprising considering everything they have been through over the last year. I get word at 4:30 I'll be meeting up with Five Finger Death Punch. AMAZING! I was hoping, but you never know right?

Upon arriving backstage their manager says "hang on a minute and I'll make sure Ivan is ready". WHAT?! Just me and Ivan. Holy sh!t :) . I walked in, we shared a good hard "mug"(man hug) , caught up and sat down for a conversation. That's exactly what you see here. I completely forgot we were even recording after a minute or two. Great, open and honest about the struggles A LOT of us are going through but we don't dare face them. Well Ivan did BEFORE THE WORLD. All the judgement, hatred and stupidity showered down on a man who was dealing with A LOT of demons. He took it in stride and finally decided enough was enough. Everyday is a challenge, but he is more than ready as you'll see below.

Thank you Ivan, for giving me the time so you could tell us a lot about ourselves we may not want to admit.

***This is an UNCENSORED, UNEDITED PIECE so there is some language ***

Five Finger Death Punch - 8.11.18 - Thumbnail Image

Five Finger Death Punch - 8.11.18

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