Side of Gossip Comes With Man's McDonald's Order

mcdonalds employee caught on camera discussing personal life

A McDonald's employee in Florida was caught with a hot mic spilling tea while working the drive-thru after a man pulled up to give his breakfast order at the Cross City fast-food restaurant on Wednesday. 

Video posted to Facebook shows the man, who says he's from out of town, waiting in a McDonald's drive thru to order when he found himself getting an earful of one employee's personal conversation. 

"So I was traveling to Homosassa, Florida today and stopped at the McDonald's in Cross City for some breakfast.........Hot Mic !!!!! CAUTION FOUL LANGUAGE!," the post read.

The woman could be heard describing being asked to clean on her day off, and how someone owed her money among other details of her personal life. 

The man who took the video told that he only caught half of the story on camera while he was waiting to order and didn't want to say anything or interrupt in case his food was messed with. 

"There was about 45 seconds of stuff before I could get my phone out," he said. "She was talking about having to take a deuce and how they hadn't had a car in 15 minutes and now this M'Fer (me) pulled up when she had to pee." 

Caution: Foul language present throughout the video.


Photo: Getty Images


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