Rockin' BBQ Feat. P.O.D., Lit, Alien Ant Farm, and More

  • General admission or VIP
  • VIP ticket-holders watch from the front of the stage
  • All ages show

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Rockin’ BBQ

About the Festival

The event organizers of Rockin’ BBQ beckon music lovers to celebrate Independence Day with a cookout and rock concert packed with instantly recognizable hits. The festival also includes a hot dog-eating contest, and ends right as the St. Pete fireworks show begins.

Lineup of Performers
  • P.O.D.: Heard on smash hits such as “Alive” and “Boom,” Payable on Death’s unlikely combination of reggae, hip-hop, Latin, metal, and Christianity has led to the sale of more than 12 million albums worldwide.
  • Lit: “My Own Worst Enemy” rocketed Lit to national attention with its mix of swagger and self-reflection. The Fullerton, CA rockers have kept heads nodding over the years with more snarky minor-key anthems, from “Addicted” to “Zip-Lock.”
  • Alien Ant Farm: The propulsive alt-rock quartet dominated airwaves with their 2001 take on Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” and have since sold over five million records, earned a Grammy nomination, and recorded a crowd-funded album.

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