Is this a dick move? You be the Judge.

JUDGEMENT CALL: After a home internet and TV provider neglected to update my information causing a chain reaction of events that resulted in me getting charged $420 Im considering doing something that some of you may consider drastic but HEAR ME OUT. After THEY again didn’t have my contact information properly recorded they mailed boxes that I am supposed to use to Return their cable boxes to the SAME former address in Longwood where I NO LONGER LIVE. This lengthened  the process of getting my money back which tickled me pink. I received a refund 6 weeks later for $408. So not only did I spend valuable time of my life on the phone with their “customer service pros” but I was shorted on my refund, which really tickled the shit out of me . Rather than call about the money they shorted me and spend anymore valuable time with this Id just like to mail the extra boxes that I received back to them. They are paying the postage. Why not right? Does this make me a bad person? My question is...WHAT DO I PUT IN THE BOXES that they are paying to have mailed to them? Thanks for your input!


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