Survey Says: 3.3 Beers Leads To Good Conversation

There is a lot going on out there for us to talk about. Especially after having one, two, or even 3 beers.

And who doesn't like a good happy hour?

Well a new survey shows that the best type of debates happen on Friday nights at about 7:50 pm and right when you take two sips...of your fourth beer!

But it HAS to be BEER...

Here are also the top ten most debated topics when we're at bars expressing our drunken thoughts. 

1.  Old memories. 

2.  Something completely random. 

3.  TV shows. 

4.  Funny stories. 

5.  Gossip. 

6.  The news. 

7.  Movies. 

8.  Music. 

9.  Jokes. 

10.  Sports.

Credit: Grant Bailey,

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