More April Fools Pranks By Businesses

I don't know WHY companies do's not a good look and frankly, doesn't improve their bottom line, yet they still do it.

When April Fool's Day comes around companies like to have a little fun of their own. 

1.  Burger King announced a "Chocolate Whopper" with chocolate cake buns . . . a chocolate patty . . . raspberry syrup ketchup . . . white chocolate onions . . . milk chocolate lettuce . . . vanilla frosting mayo . . . and candied blood orange tomatoes. 

2.  Cup Noodles teamed up with a company called Zenni Optical to make "steam proof" glasses for ramen eating.  The glasses have a tiny built-in fan that blows away steam, plus they have a detachable fork on the side.

Credit: Constantine Spyrou; Jamie Ducharme

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