Foo Fighters Ban Odd List Of Items From Concert

The Foo Fighters have a history of having fun with their tour riders. In the past they've gone as far as creating a children's activity book, complete with coloring pages, a catering don'ts word hunt, and a "which of these items belongs in a salad?" puzzle.

This year they have something different up their sleeves. They've created a list of PROHIBITED ITEMS, but it's far from the usual weapons and alcohol...

Derogatory press clippings about Shania Twain are a no-go.

If the pencil isn't Number 2, you'll have to leave it in the car.

No mention of Ted Nugent in that Cream Magazine issue?? Blasphemy! That is prohibited.

I don't know what Leg Warmers did to tick them off, but they are not allowed. Bummer.

"Unflattering photos" of Ryan Seacrest will not be tolerated. 

Leave your nut milk at home. It's not to be enjoyed at a Foo Fighters show. 

Full list at the jump below.

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