Woman sues over half full candy boxes.

 You know when you buy a huge box of candy at the movie theater, then you open it and you're super bummed to find out it's half empty?  Yeah . . . someone is FINALLY taking a stand against that. 

F**K YEA!!!

 A woman named Biola Daniel from New York City just filed a federal lawsuit against Tootsie Roll Industries because she says they're intentionally underfilling their boxes of Junior Mints.

Biola says she bought a box of Junior Mints last month and found it was 43% AIR inside.  And when she compared it with other candies, Milk Duds boxes were only 23% air and Good & Plenty boxes were 12% air.

Quote, "Competitors' product boxes are similar in size . . . yet contain far more candy.  This demonstrates that it is possible to fit a greater quantity of candy into the defendant's boxes."

Biola filed this as a class-action lawsuit, so she's hoping other people will join . . . and she's hoping anyone who's been wronged by half-empty Junior Mints boxes will get at least $50. 

Now lets move on to those half empty Cheetos bags!!

 (Document Cloud / NorthJersey.com)

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