Old Glory Relay Arrival Ceremony & Veteran's Day Festival

UNITED...E Pluribus Unum.  Submitted by our founding fathers on the great seal of our people at the dawn of our nation. The implication is simple, yet critical to who we are: united, yet different.  This year, Team Red, White & Blue along with Microsoft is creating an opportunity to be united, as one, under the flag of our great nation in support of veteran enrichment.

Old Glory stands for much, in a world with much need: freedom, opportunity, safety, expression, pride, belonging and diversity. The last two, never mutually exclusive, always mutually supportive. This year, as we fly Old Glory across 4,600 miles of America the beautiful, we not only look at our colors above, but celebrate our colors within. The colors of Old Glory knit together a fabric of America that is unlike any other, a fabric of diversity and difference bound in strength and unity.

Individual or Team Fundraising is highly encouraged and top performers will be eligible for valuable prizes.

How to UNITE with the Old Glory Relay:

- Each Participant should join the team on the day of their choosing using  "On-Course" $35 Registration Option. 

- To find the correct team, choose Register, then Join a Team, search by date for Team, then complete the remainder of the registration process.  

- Looking for a Team to join check out the Daily Course Legs and see the Relay Handbook for more information.

- If you are interested in leading a Team on the Old Glory Relay submit your interest application through this online survey.  We will reach out to get you and your team set up quickly.  

- "Off Course" Participants can virtual join the Relay any day between 9/11 and 11/11 from anywhere and receive the official OGR Shirt and Coin- The Partner Registration Option is intended for use by the OGR Sponsor and Partner Teams.  

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