Florida or Not Florida?

 I guess I can understand why someone who's facing decades in prison for a serious crime would consider going on the run.  But this guy?  I'm not sure.

 Back in March, a 32-year-old guy named Eleodoro Estala from North Austin, Texas was busted for having sex with his neighbor's chain link fence.  She took videos of him passionately kissing it, then dropping his pants and getting-it-on with it.

 Well . . . he was due in court last week for a hearing on his indecent exposure charges.  But he didn't show up.

 So now, he's a fugitive and there's a warrant out for his arrest . . . all over his one passionate afternoon with that fence.  Listen up tomorrow morning for another episode of Florida or Not Florida at 7:10am on 98ROCK!

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