My Life With Chris Cornell

I am beyond shocked and saddened.  Chris Cornell for me was the greatest rock frontman.  He was it for me, he was my favorite voice.  I still remember the first time I heard him, the first time hearing Temple of the Dog.  The album Temple of the Dog in particular.  I remember the car I was in, with whom was in the car with me, and exactly what street I was driving down and hearing it for the very first time.  And this was long before my radio career was even a thought.  Yet strangely it was Chris Cornell that I was most connected with in my career.  Most of my friends, and listeners throughout my career can easily tell you, "Deuce's fave is Chris Cornell".  Chris Cornell strangely has been intertwined in my life and career.  Chris Cornell was my first interview in my career almost 16 years ago, and sadly he was my last concert... #98ROCKFEST 2017.  Chris Cornell was my first date  for the last girlfriend I just had.  Chris Cornell was the first musician I met with when I first moved here to Tampa just 2 years ago and started at 98ROCK.  Chris Cornell was the concert I took my long time girlfriend's mom in Indy to.  And my best friend everyone said looked like Chris Cornell.  It seemed in some way or another Chris Cornell was always in my life.  I have been honored and privileged to have had the chance to sit down and interview Chris Cornell 7 times during my career.  Including sitting in his dressing room with the full original Soundgarden band for their first big reunion.  Chris Cornell was always good to me, and always talked with me whenever possible.  By the 3rd or 4th interview Chris Cornell would remember my name, and say "Hey Deuce, great to see you again my friend"..... and for me that was it, the ultimate compliment and career highlight from my favorite, from whom I considered the greatest rock vocalist of all time, and from what I still to this day call my all time favorite album... 'Temple Of The Dog' ..... So RIP Chris Cornell, 'Say Hello To Heaven' for us... RIP Chris Cornell, RIP my friend! 



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