It Was My Birthday!

This past Saturday was my birthday, and while I'll spare you with the woe is me about getting older I figured here and now might be a good place to share some things I've learned in my 36 years.  

Here are 5.  Not necessarily the top 5, or even the most recent 5 things I've learned...just 5 things in my brain.

1.  Botox is your friend as long as your face still moves, if that's what you're into. - I got Botox once.  Sure, it works.  But I also couldn't really move my forehead and while I guess that is sort of the science behind it all, I like to pout.  One can not pout when one's face is not to move.

2. What you put in it what you will get out.  - This one is sort of an two pronged duder.  I have learned that a healthy lifestyle breeds a healthy lifestyle.  If I eat junk, I have a crappy workout and then stop working out altogether.  The other part of this is about relationships and people, and it's tricky.  What you put into a relationship is not always going to be what you get out on the surface.  There is a variable called "other people" in a relationship that you can't control.  It's a jacked experiment.  So instead think of this concept and relationships about your relationship with YOURSELF. (HA! no other people/variables and often no pants!)  What you put into yourself is 100% going to come back to you.  Sometimes you go to therapy and learn that you're actually a total mess.  And while that doesn't feel good to realize, it eventually turns into learning about yourself so you can control your mess.  This leads me to point 3...

3. Therapy has saved my life. - I was not suicidal, I was angry.  I didn't know why I would get so mad, I didn't know how people who really shouldn't matter that much did.  Turns out I was the game of operation.  My anger had nothing to do with the people who were making me mad, it had everything to do with who I was as a person, the things that had happened to me and how I reacted to them presently.  Now that I know more about myself, I can choose how to react rather than just being mad.  I can also choose what to react to, and what to move on from.  Life changing, I promise you.

4. People are the worst/I need to learn to be more selfish.  - I'm not a selfish person.  Turns out I'm quiet self-less.  Both in the fact that I give to others, but also I often to give to others so much I don't have enough left for me.  The thing about people is that they aren't all the worst, but often when you give to them, they will take until you stop giving.  Sometimes you need to give to yourself instead.

5. I like booze, but it maybe isn't a fan of me. - As I get older I have figured out that I can't mix things.  That's not just beer/liquor/'s also various types of any of those.  So when I decide what I am going to drink first when I go out, I better be able to get something very similar for the rest of the night or my stomach will start a civil war that can only be stopped through copious amounts of expulsion (read: vomitting) or an IV at my local IV bar where they can completely bypass my stomach with all of the drugs, vitamins and hyrdration.


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