I thought it was a miniature, remote-controlled Cessna

"The Vine Sphinx Moth is a large, streamlined flier with a caterpillar that has a fondness for grape leaves." -InsectIdentification.org

Yep, and it grows to a little over four inches long, looks like it was carved out of balsa wood and resembles a Stealth Fighter.

My neighbor found one on his bushes. 

I must admit, Florida has critters that are larger than I'm used to seeing. I'm pretty sure if this moth had talons, he could star in a horror movie. 

Ever see a fighter jet tuck its wings for more speed? This dude can do that.

Good news is, he's pretty laid back, unless you have grape vines in your yard. If so, he will chomp relentlessly until you don't.

I was relieved when I read that he is harmless, but I'm still in awe of his features. What a badass creature!

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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