My retinas remain unscathed.

Damn, that was a serious buildup.

Safety glasses for viewing the eclipse sold like crazy. Facebook posted millions of pictures of blurry skies with glowing dots in the middle. NASA had a live feed of the momentous occasion. 

This was the first time a total solar eclipse had occurred across the entire United States since 1918....or something like that.

With visions of sugar plums in our eyes, the 98ROCK  minions and I dutifully trudged out into the hot parking lot. As we giggled and tried to produce witty, eclipse-based jokes, we took pictures of the spectacle through sunglasses and cussed at the crappy results.

How in hell are we supposed to rule all social media if we can't even get a freaking clear shot of the eclipse?!?!?! 

Feeling broken and defeated, I made my way back into the 98ROCK studio and contemplated my next move. 

I perused Google images.

I thought about posing on the hood of my car naked while wearing eclipse glasses...too hot. (Not me, the hood). 

I finally settled upon the image you see before you. It's not a perfectly centered image of a history-making event, but it features our station logo, tinted swimming goggles, a comfortable dj (it's 72 in the studio) and I'm not wearing pants. 

Maybe I'll do better in 2024. 

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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