If you were to see me working on an old vehicle in the hot sun, sweat and cuss words flowing, you would not get the impression that I am enjoying myself. Believe it or not, I am relieving stress through vehicular therapy. To me, there's nothing better than trying to find the right tool and replacing some worn out part with a new shiny one. 

It's deceivingly simple. It appears that I am loosening and tightening bolts, but I'm thinking...working my way through the problems coursing through my brain.

Even when I'm going 178 mph in a Corvette like the one pictured, I'm thinking. I'm taking mental notes of how the car feels, how I feel, what I can do better next time. 

Since I've never been much of a mainstream sports fan, I've often wondered...what is the draw? Do you get the same feelings I get when I fix a car? When your team wins, is it also your personal victory?

I imagine it's like when I go faster than I've ever gone or fix a nagging noise in my brakes. It's a feeling of accomplishment. It's a reason to be in a good mood. 

Whatever the motivation or the payoff, here's to winning. Now, I'm off to cuss at my truck again.