We're babysitting.

If you've read my past blogs, you probably know that my gf and I have two rottweilers. One is a five year old female (Delilah) and the other is an 11 month old male puppy (Samson). 

While Samson is definitely in touch with his inner hell raiser, we've adapted to our new situation just fine. 

Enter Gretchen, my gf's brother's rottweiler (I know, we are sick with this). She's staying with us while her parents ride across the country on a Harley. They've done this several times before and I've always been jealous, but he brings back some incredible video and pics from the road.

Don't get me wrong, Gretchen is a fantastic dog. She is loving, well-behaved and as sweet as they come. 

The problem is with Samson, the puppy. He thinks it's appropriate to run up to Gretchen and jump on her head. That is so NOT COOL with Gretchen. She gives every indication that she's about to eat our poor puppy when he does that. 

She's patient, though. She's been staying on the other side of the room and keeping an eye on his spaz ass.

Generally speaking, age brings wisdom. The two older dogs are prime examples. They issue low growls now and then to say "back off, little boy". He's catching on slowly.

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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