Don't you hate those posts on social media that are vague as hell? You've seen them..."praying for a sign"..."I just don't know what to say anymore"...

I'm not trying to be vague or titillating, but it's been a tumultuous week or two. My life has changed drastically on several different planes very quickly. 

Generally speaking, our lives tend to follow the same trajectory, until acted upon by an outside force. 

You know the game. The phone rings in the middle of the night. 

Your key no longer fits the door.

The doctor asks you to sit down.

My point is, we all face these moments, especially as we get older. We deal with situations that we never dreamed of as kids. 

Hopefully, we have loved ones around us. Hopefully, WE are an asset to THEM in tough times. 

In the words of my father, everything in life is temporary...including life. That goes for the best of times and worst of times. 

The most important thing? 

You and I are still here, growing and changing, breathing and dreaming.

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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