My blood has thinned.

My closet is full of long pants, jackets and tube socks. 

When I moved here from Indiana a few years ago, I saved them. I knew, just like up north, there would be a surprise ice storm sooner or later. Problem is, it never happened.

But, I hold out. I wait patiently for a snowy Armageddon.  

I anticipate cars stuck in ditches, freezing into a solid chunk while trapped in my car and running out of milk permanently. 

I lived with that crap for lots of years. I grew accustomed to needing those heavy clothes. I got used to needing a 4x4 pickup to get around for a few months a year.

Those garments have become dust-covered. The jackets have been moved further back with every season. 

These days, everything I wear could fit into a small suitcase. My wardrobe consists of several pairs of underwear and socks, about a dozen gearhead shirts, a few pairs of cargo shorts, some sneakers and a cheap pair of flip-flops. 

I'm proud of the fact that my flip-flops wear out quickly down here. They stroll through the surf, cruise through restaurants and keep me from burning my soles on the way to the mailbox. 

Yep, Tampa is pretty freaking sweet. See you at the neighborhood tiki bar...

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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