I've Always Loved To Race

Henry Ford is credited for saying the first automobile race happened about five minutes after the second car was sold. 

I get it. I've been into racing and going fast for as long as I can remember. I've tried drag racing, LSR (land speed racing), dirt track, concrete round track, go-karts, motorcycles...even lawn mowers (don't tell my dad).

I've had several people tell me that drag racing cannot be difficult because "all you do is drive straight". Nothing could be further from the truth. Try driving a 2,400 horsepower turbocharged Corvette in a straight line for 1,320 feet. Those walls occasionally jump out at you.

Same thing with dirt bikes. Those imperfect curves, berms and jumps have a tendency to keep you humble. Every now and then, they hurl you over the handlebars and break bones. That never gets easier or less painful.

One things for sure, it's worth the pain.  

The bones heal, the deep insistent ache of a bruised lung fades and stitches are removed eventually. 

Glory, however, is forever. 

Some have called me a thrill seeker or adrenaline junkie. I disagree. 

I take calculated risks.

To be honest, if the parachute fails to open, you die. That's why you plan like hell, both for when it opens...and when it doesn't. 

Dive at life, my friends!

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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