I Found An Earring In A Parking Lot

The 1980s were sweet. I had lots of earrings, long hair and a Stingray with t-tops. 

I was already a dj by then. I worked for a radio station in Louisville, Kentucky with Big Rig. 

Somewhere along the way, I'd decided to get my ears pierced...a lot. The left ear had eight holes and the right ear had four. I also had a pierced tongue. I've not worn an earring in several years. 

Enter a brisk walk across a parking lot on the way to my car.

Something shiny caught my eye and I leaned down to pick it up. It was some sort of dinosaur pin or piece of jewelry. It swiveled in the middle, like it was built to articulate.

I slid it into my pocket and forgot about it. 

This morning, my girlfriend found it and asked me what it was. I explained the story and walked into the next room.  

"It's an earring", I heard her exclaim from the kitchen.

We talked about all of the jewelry I used to wear. I said I should clean it and wear it to 98ROCK. She laughed and insisted there was no way my ears still had holes in them.

Yep! Sounded like a challenge to me, too.  

After soaking the dinosaur in alcohol for a while, I slid the post into my ear and wore it to the studios.

Can't tell me it's not the 1980s all over again! I wonder where I put my leather pants with the 28 inch waist...

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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