I Guess The Octomom's Time is Up.

Social media can be frustrating and unpredictable. People with no talent (or redeeming qualities, for that matter) are thrust into the limelight relentlessly. We tire of them in about 30 seconds, but they continue to fill our screens of varying sizes for months or years afterward. 

I've been contemplating several of those people. Remember Octomom? She had a billion kids and lip injections. Gone.

Remember the woman in the Chewbacca mask? She made the rounds on the talk shows and then...gone.

Remember Perez Hilton, that bitchy dude with bitchy views about reality stars? Gone.

The point is, eventually these people disappear. Some find a way to get rich, others don't.  

Here's the good news: Those obnoxious people have faded from our collective consciousness. 

The bad news: More are on the way.

Now, back to my Hot Rod magazine.  

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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