Whatever It Takes To Get Home

It happens. Sometimes you're out there on the road, cruising along just fine, when a tire blows. Sometimes it's an overheated radiator. Other times it's a smoked transmission. 

The point is, you still need to get where you're headed. 

The problem is, the truck is full of all of your worldly possessions. It's pulling a trailer that's hauling your car, which is also stuffed with tons of your crap...and you're somewhere about a thousand miles from home. 

That's what I'm thinking happened to the guy in the picture. I mean, who in hell would find themselves in this position voluntarily? That's a U-Haul box truck towing an open trailer with a pickup truck on it, which in turn is hauling a travel trailer. 

Can you imagine how badly that guy wanted to leave where he was? lmao

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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