I'll just say it, I suck at sportsing.

My dad tried. 

He signed me up for tee ball, watched football, basketball and baseball fervently and extolled the virtues of sports almost every day of my childhood.

My problem was, I was into totally different things. I loved bicycles, minibikes, go-karts, old cars...and martial arts. 

Karate drew me in with its sense of personal accomplishment. Blame it on my introverted nature. I always preferred quietly learning and improving with no regard to what others in the mainstream were doing. 

I grew up on a farm with several acres. Every day after school, I filled up the gas tank on my Suzuki 125 and rode until dark, doing jumps and wheelies to my heart's content.  Meanwhile, I learned how to hot-wire Dad's 1968 Impala. I practiced sliding and regaining control over and over again in the open field behind our house.

Eventually, I made friends with more knowledge than I had. I asked questions, helped them with their projects and read every Hot Rod, Car Craft and Popular Hot Rodding magazine I could find. 

It gets a bit awkward when others begin to discuss March Madness, but I always find a way to steer the conversation toward my favorite pastime. After all, there's a reason why they call them SPORTS CARS. lol

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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