The Hayabusas in my life.

My childhood dreams revolved around things with engines and wheels. I lusted for a Guards Red 911 with a whale tail and Fuchs wheels years before I learned how to drive. I also dreamed of a new Suzuki RM465 dirt bike and an unlimited class go-kart.

Dad must have recognized my plight early, because he came home with various modes of miniature transport throughout my formative years. I still remember the exact moment when he rolled up the driveway in our family station wagon, tail gate down, hauling something blue in the back. 

Turns out , it was a brand new 4-horsepower Sears go-kart. I rode that cart until the wheels fell off, installed more wheels, and rode some more.

Shortly thereafter, I managed to save up enough money by working at a local radio station to afford an old Suzuki TM125 dirt bike. It was faster than anything I'd ever experienced and I was in love. I remember busting through all the gears as hard as I could, tears being forced out of my eyes from the speed. 

Even my grandfather was a gearhead. He used to fly down those Kentucky backroads, hauling ass and puffing on Camel no-filter cigarettes. He was my hero.

Many years (and many fast full-sized modes of transport) later, the desire is stronger than ever. 

A few years ago, I discovered the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa. It was considered the fastest motorcycle on Earth. 

Yep, that turned me on. 

I've owned two of them now; a 2000 model in blue and silver, and a 2007 Vigor Blue Limited Edition. The 2000 Hayabusa had 114,000 miles on it when I sold it. The 2007 went under  the knife shortly after I bought it. It acquired a turbocharger, secondary injectors, boost-referenced alcohol injection and lots more. After all of the modifications were done, the bike made 442 horsepower. 

I've had lots of other toys over the years, but those 'Busas are near and dear to my heart. It's kinda like driving a recliner with insane amounts of power. It's not for everyone, but I'm cool with that.

That just means more for me. 

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts

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