Foo Fighters Dave Grohl Tells The Full Story Behind “Everlong” (Acoustic)

I’ve seen Foo Fighters live a ton. Not one single time have I seen a bad show. Not once!

When Dave, Taylor, Nate, Chris, and Rami lock in, it’s over!
They’re one of the last pure magical bands from a generation that completely effing changed music!!

Dave Grohl is the coolest normal genius that we’ll probably ever see. He’s figured out life man! Work hard, be grateful, give off positive vibes and they’ll comes right back back to you.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Look, this video is the full version with the “Everlong” back story and acoustic performance!

I’ve never seen Dave go this deep into the song before, that I can remember anyway.

Remember, Dave Grohl Is in my opinion, take it or leave it. Is the best story teller in the business!!!