Watch Foo Fighters Virtual Show Live Feom The Roxy In LA

I hope it’s no surprise that Foo Fighters are one of top 5 favorite bands of all time.

For those of you that would like to know why, it’s simple, Dave Grohl is my hero.

Talk about a guy that’s done it, as in life, the right way. He’s a husband and father first, badass musician second. I’ve never heard or met anyone in the music business that has a bad thing to say about Dave.

How he went through what he did with Kurt at such a young age and it didn’t screw him up, is a miracle.

The set list from Foo’s Roxy show on Saturday night includes “All My Life, Everlong, Hero, Best Of You, Sky Is The Neighborhood, Time Like These, and the rest of the Foo you know and love.

Plus you know Dave talking to the crowd is a show in itself.