PODCAST: Is Ordering Flights In The Taproom a Craft Beer No-No?

It's an episode (literal) years in the making! Roche and Lashelle welcome Charlie and Chris (the originator of the Crispy Boi lifestyle!) from Fairwinds Brewery in Lorton, VA.

Fairwinds has been busy winning ALL the craft beer awards and join the show to discuss awards (national and regional)and what they mean to breweries. Also, is Kolsch the official beer of Virginia craft brewing? Charlie and Chris (and Lashelle) make the case. Finally, interesting conversation on the important role the taproom server has in educating the clientele...which leads into...

(24:00) ...the most controversial subject we've ever undertaken on Head Retention, flights in the taproom! Roche is shocked to learn that most taproom workers (bartenders, servers, AND brewers) are not fans of flights, for a number of a reasons that the gang is only too happy to explain. 

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