Deftones Guitarist's Shocking Revelation: 'Earth is Flat'

Dinosaurs never existed, there's no such thing as outer space and Earth is as flat as a pancake.

That's according to Deftones guitarist and self-described flat-Earther Stephen Carpenter, who says learning everything we've been taught is a lie has freed him of worry and fear. "Once I realized that there was no such place as space and we’re in this, you know, created environment, it changed everything," he says. "I immediately lost all the space fear. Like, I have no fears of us ever being struck by some rogue asteroid, meteor, comet, rogue planet, no solar flares -- none of these space f***ing devils are gonna get ya."

As far as the shape of the planet, Carpenter says he's 100 percent certain "we're not on a spinning, flying space ball." People who do are "in a cult," he adds.

By the way, this was my face the whole time I was reading this.