Experts Predict Pandemic will Lead to Baby Boom

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Apparently, not everyone is practicing social distancing. Experts say the coronavirus pandemic could lead to a worldwide baby boom.

The reason for the expected population explosion is a shortage of condoms, health officials say. Singapore and Hong Kong have experienced shortages, and some retailers in the U.S. have already reported being out of stock. Even the betting site has released odds on a projected Trojan boom. "You can bet on the population getting down to business while stuck inside their homes for the next couple of months," according to the site.

The condom shortage aside, jumps in birth rates often occur after events that force people to stay indoors. "It’s probably going to be the biggest baby boom we’ve seen," says Dr. Kevin Kathrotia. "Anytime there’s the threat of a hurricane, there’s a little baby boom. There’s going to be kids in nine months, I can assure you."

h/t Mercury News

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