Pres. Trump Back In Palm Beach This Weekend For Fundraiser



President Trump is attending a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago Friday, which brings him back to the state less than two weeks after spending the holidays here.

Florida's Republican National Committeeman, Peter Feaman, says it's more proof of the importance of winning this state.

"No question about it, the road to the White House runs right through the state of Florida. (If) You don't carry Florida, game over."

At the fundraiser, the winner of a contest will get to meet the president. Feaman says it's a way to allow donors who give smaller amounts the opportunity to do what typically higher-dollar donors get to do.

"He is a man of the people, as much as the other side wants to say that's not true. He resonates with the hard-working men and women around this country like I've never seen since Ronald Reagan. It's amazing."

He says the impeachment proceedings haven't slowed Trump down one bit.

"What a contrast. I mean on the one hand you have these crazy Democrats trying to impeach him and the very same day he's signing a historic trade deal with China. It's like, somebody's disconnected here. I don't think it's Donald Trump."

The president is expected to leave Palm Beach on Sunday for an American Farm Bureau Federal meeting in Texas, but Feaman says it's likely he'll be back in South Florida next week.

"We're having our annual meeting in Doral, and some say he may be making an appearance there."

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