Florida Lawmaker Says He's Willing To Amend Bill Named After Murder Victim

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A Florida lawmaker responds to calls for him to remove a murder victim's name from a bill.

Not only is the family of Evelyn Udell demanding that her name come off a bill that calls for in-home delivery workers to undergo local and national background checks, one relative wants District 89 State Rep. Mike Caruso to give the bill to someone else.

"I don't think it's necessary and I don't even know if it's possible to do at this point."

Caruso was inspired to file the bill after the death of the Boca Raton woman, allegedly at the hands of a man who had delivered appliances to her house.

He says that he is able to amend the bill to add drug testing, something the family wants.

They're saying that his office refused to do it, but Caruso says that's not true and thinks the Udell's may just not understand the process, which does allow for changing a bill once it's been filed.

"Legislation here is always a work in process and we'll look to amend the bill as we go through that process."

He's hoping to hear from the family before making the changes, but says he will probably do it and has no issue removing Udell's name, if that's what her family really wants.

Jorge Lachazo faces a murder charge for Udell's death, which happened after he delivered a washer and dryer to her home last year.

Udell was working for a third-party delivery company contracted by Best Buy, where she made the purchase.

The woman's estate is suing Best Buy and all other companies involved.

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